A girlfriend of mine came over yesterday for dinner and saw these on my counter, she asked me if they were lizard eggs. 😀  I laughed and told her that they were quail eggs. 

I found these little eggs while I was at the Asian market picking up some ingredients for my Spicy Crispy Beef.  As an addicted and avid watcher of Iron Chef America, I have seen these eggs used many times.  

I guess at first glance they can look like lizard eggs, but they are so tiny and cute.  I do not know yet what I will do with them, I am sure it won’t taste much different from a regular egg.  If you have ever had a quail egg, let me know how they are.  I am thinking of a small salad and topping it off with an egg, we will see.  Regardless I love finding ingredients that I have never used before.

Here are a few interesting links on quail eggs: