Me & Hubby

Me & Hubby


I love photography and I love food.  I started The Noshery so I would have a reason to combine both.  I am no where near an expert in food photography but I am learning.  I love to cook and my husband loves to eat, like most do. 😀  I just moved to Tulsa, OK from Florida and I am adjusting, but so far we love it here.  I am the proud mother to 3 doggies, Jake, Buster & Honey who are my constant companions in the kitchen, especially my girl Honey.


When I move to a new area the first thing I do is check out the local grocery stores and farmers markets to figure out where I can get the best ingredients and freshest produce.  I am known to go to the grocery store almost daily.    I love to entertain and cook for friends and family.  It is my outlet for creativity and stress relief. 

This blog will be about everyday joys and frustrations, my cooking accomplishments and disasters and my photography.  The images on this blog are my own photography.   I shoot with a Canon 40 D and am eagerly trying to develop my skills.  I welcome comments, feedback and tips.

So here we go!