Here are some tips I have learn along the way.

  • Collect all your ingredients and read through the recipe before you begin to cook.
  • Have a large bowl for your trash.
  • When saute , get your pan good and hot.
  • Toast nuts to bring out their flavor
  • Pat chicken breast dry to help them brown.
  • Roll lemon and limes on the counter before squeezing to extract more juice.

Here are some easy ways to dress up your dinner.

  • Serve one dish meals in shallow pasta bowls.
  • Garnish with fresh herbs cut in springs.
  • Try putting sauce under food instead of over food.
  • Slice meat and fan on plate.
  • Arrange food on bed of greens.
  • Sprinkle herbs and spices around the edge of the plate.
  • Garnish desserts with powdered sugar, cocoa, chopped fruit or whole berries.
  • Wipe plate edges free of spatters prior to serving.

Here are some links with tips to take better pictures of your food.